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Get your SDS's translated into Swedish
Get your SDS's and other chemical documents translated from English into Swedish. We, who run this service have extensive knowledge of translating chemical documents and we are specialists in the field and are all native speaking in our Swedish target language.

Me and my team have been translating for hundreds of companies of all sizes when we have been active in the past 13 years. 

We will adapt your SDS's to the Swedish particularitie, while there are some country specific rules that must be included in the documents. We will make sure that they are.

Please note that you should preferably have a Swedish registered company, or cooperate with one, should you decide to use my service. Other arrangements can of course be made, should you consider translating your documents to Swedish, e.g. a well known ltd-company within the EU would often be considered legible for 30 a days net invoice.

The page Kontakt informs you about how to contact me. 

Looking much forward to hearing from you. 

Regards: Björn Johnsson